Jamie Olsen


Ruffles and Decor

I am a mom of 5 boys (well young

men and adults). I am a lover of ruffles,

frills, and all things girlie. The contrast of boys and femininity is something I embrace. I love fashion and decor and needed an outlet to connect with others.

I grew up the youngest of 6 kids. When I was 5, my mother started her own interior design studio. Design just became ingrained in me from that point on. My parents taught me that nothing comes easy and if you want something you have to work for it, and work HARD for it. 

I have always been an go-getter. I have had my own businesses from graphic design, to jewelry, to then being a buyer and merchandiser for 3 gifts shops for over 10 years. I decided the time had come to start a new business that combines the things love. I have a small collection of home decor, handbags, and jewelry with more fun items to come. I hope you'll join me in my journey.